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"A beautiful blend of artfully directed portraits and intimate story-telling imagery."

Authenticity is the cornerstone of my existence. In my life and in my business. I never want to put on some insincere facade in order to make sales or win over a potential client. Being able to genuinely connect with the folks who hire me is honestly my top priority. Being able to bear witness to the lives and loves and tell the story of my clients' day by delivering bold + badass photographs is a happy bonus. Live your authentic life and allow me to document it.

xoxo Jaclyn

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Hey, girl, heyyy.

First things first, you probably already noticed my name. Heyyy. You can call me Jac if you like nicknames. But I might poke your eyeballs out if you call me Jackie. I lead a chaotically quiet life sharing my home with my wife, Christine, and our four children...


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