First things first, you probably already noticed my name. Heyyy. You can call me Jac if you like nicknames. But I might poke your eyeballs out if you call me Jackie. I lead a chaotically quiet life sharing my home with my wife, Christine, and our four children. I devour books almost as eagerly as I devour deliciously vegan food. Yes. Vegan. No worries, I do not Crossfit so I am only half as annoying as I could be. I won’t talk shit about you eating meat if you leave me to eat my rabbit food in peace. Yes, I wash my dreadlocks and no, they do not smell like pot. But I cannot promise they won’t smell like patchouli or lavender. Mother Nature is my homegirl. You can usually find me camping, hiking, or otherwise outside breathing in the fresh air and communing with nature in the most corny way possible. Except for Michigan winters, in which case, I am likely in hibernation mode shoving comfort food in my face reading in bed with twelve pillows or binging on The X-Files and It’s Always Sunny.


I am a girl with a camera who wants to tell your story. Observing human connection and interaction comes naturally to me as an introvert who is more comfortable on the periphery than being the center of attention. I love supporting and empowering women. Documenting love in all its forms. This is what I do and who I am and I want to share the experience with you. May you live long and prosper.